Tim Gilles

Automotive Engines, Diagnosis, Repair, and Rebuilding Seventh Edition

Automotive Engines is the most comprehensive, compact, accurate and up-to-date book on the market. Written by an experienced teacher, with previous industry experience as an engine machinist, the text has been updated to reflect current trends and industry concerns. This book is written in a common sense manner for people with common sense. Automotive Engines aids readers as they develop the technical expertise and critical thinking skills needed to effectively diagnose and troubleshoot the causes of worn and failed parts.

Automotive Engines 7E is an ideal book to build readers' technical expertise and critical thinking skills, while providing them with information on current industry trends and concerns. It contains updated, accurate, and comprehensive information on what is needed to diagnose, repair, and rebuild automotive engines. This revised addition includes an enhanced chapter on engine diagnosis and updated information on four-valve-per-cylinder engines, camshaft timing, variable valve timing, and high performance engines.

Product Benefits:

  • Includes Instructor Resource Materials that contain an extensive collection of lab sheets in electronic Microsoft Word format that address NATEF Standards and which can be easily customized to suit the needs of the instructor. Also included are lesson plans that can be used as a starting point for teachers new to the engine rebuilding area and a supplemental practice test bank.
  • New illustrations and photos of unusual wear and failed parts to help students understand how to correct problems so they do not recur.
  • Updated information on repairing and restoring high performance sport compact cars, including vintage racing cars.
  • Updated information on the ever-changing areas of cooling and lubrication.
  • Includes the following additional updates: separation of interesting but dated material from the rest of the information on Vintage Engines; inclusion of real-world case histories that provide critical thinking practice; addition of new shop tips; addition of generic engine machining tips from experienced machinists.
  • Includes updated information on engine cooling and lubrication systems, with a focus on maintenance for longer-lasting vehicles. Includes new content on the repair of high performance sport compact cars, hot rodding, and vehicle restoration, reflecting the evolution of the design and engineering of automotive engines.
  • Adds new case histories that draw attention to real-world situations and provide more critical thinking practice.
  • Discusses repair techniques that are universal to all engines, preparing readers for careers in independent repair shops, parts and machine shops, and dealerships.
  • Includes ASE-style engine machinist practice tests and explanations in the back of the book that will help readers to effectively prepare for the ASE Certification Exam.

Table of Contents:


  • Engine Operation.
    Simple Engine. Four-Stroke Engine Operation. Cylinder Arrangement. Valve Train. Cylinder Block. Front-Wheel Drive. Engine Classifications. Combustion Chamber Designs. Firing Order. Types of Cooling Systems. Ignition Types. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions.
  • Engine Shop Safety.
    General Shop Health and Safety. Hazardous Materials. Safety Test.
  • Diagnosing Engine Problems.
    Diagnosing Problems Before an Overhaul. Oil Consumption. Fuel Mixture Problems. Compression Loss. Engine Noises. Oil Pressure Problems. Cooling System Problems. Electronic Failures/Engine Damage. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions.
  • Engine Removal, Disassembly, Inspection, and In-Chassis Repairs.
    Shop Manuals. Engine Removal. Engine Disassembly. Ordering Parts. Major Engine Repair - Engine in the Vehicle. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions.
  • Cleaning the Engine.
    Cleaning Methods. Cleaning the Inside of the Engine. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions.
  • Measuring. Metric System.
    Measuring Tools. Precision Measuring Tools. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions.


  • .Cylinder Head:
    Parts and Service. Head Disassembly. Carbon Removal. Crack Inspection. Crack Repair. Valve Guide Inspection. Valve Guide Repair. Valve Guide Seals. Resurfacing Heads. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions.
  • Cylinder Head: Springs, Valves, and Valve Seats.
    Valve Springs. Push Rods. Rocker Arms. Valves and Valve Service. Valve Seats and Service. Reassembling the Head. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions.
  • Camshafts, Lifters, Timing Belts and Chains.
    Camshaft. Hydraulic Lifters and Lash Adjusters. Hydraulic Lifter Operation. Roller Cam and Lifters. Cam Drives. Timing Drive Maintenance. Timing the Cam to the Crank. Timing Belts. Timing Belt Replacement. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions.
  • Engine Power Development: Manifolds, Superchargers, and Camshaft Performance.
    Intake and Exhaust Manifolds. Turbochargers and Superchargers. Camshaft and Engine Performance. Camshaft Timing. Camshaft Phasing, Lobe Centers and Lobe Spread. Multiple Valve Heads. Variable Valve Timing. Power and Torque. Measuring Torque and Horsepower. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions.


  • Cylinder Block - Inspection and Service. Cleaning the Block. Oil and Water Plugs. Main Bearing Caps. Main Bearing Bore Alignment. Decking the Block. Inspecting Cylinder Bores. Deglazing Cylinders. Reboring Cylinders. Honing Cylinders to Size. Chamfering the Cylinder. Cylinder Sleeves. Lifter Bores. Final Block Preparation. Study Questions. ASE-Style Review Questions.
  • Crankshaft, Bearings, and Engine Balancing. Crankshaft Design. Crank End Thrust. Checking Crank Condition. Bearing In...


Information about this book


Tim Gilles

Tim was a teacher at the high school and college level for thirty eight years and has been a writer for over 30 years. He is the author of several textbooks with Cengage Learning. This web site is a source of many photographs and teaching aids to accompany his texts.

Tim is a past-president and long-time board member of the California Automotive Teachers Association. He has been a member of the North American Council of Automotive Teachers since the early 1980s. He has served on the NACAT Board of Directors and was chair of the election committee for many years.

Tim has a Master's Degree in Occupational Education, a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Arts, and a Community College Life Teaching Credential, with four years of industry work experience prior to his teaching career. He was an ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician and ASE Certified Master Engine Machinist.